It is an honour to have been elected Town Mayor of Dunstable for a second time, having had this honour 2016/17.

I have now lived in Dunstable for nearly 35 years, been on the Town Council for 11 years (and the former County and Central Bedfordshire Councils for 26 years). There have been many changes in our Town over this time. Today we are on the verge of further important developments which will start around Ashton Square and High Street North when the current situation allows. These will make the town centre more friendly for pedestrians creating a better environment.

I take over from Cllr Abbott who, until lockdown, had been very busy ably representing our Town and Council. That we are still in lockdown I can only look forward to the time when we can reinstate our town events programme; I can organise events to raise money for chosen charities which will be announced later; I can make visits to local businesses, schools, clubs and societies and support those events of other Town Mayors.

At this time we need to support our local shops and businesses which remain open and then also visibly support those which will be reopening in due course. So many families and businesses, and schools, have found lockdown challenging, frustrating and frankly at times, frightening. We must beat this virus, observe the Government’s advice and look forward to a return to what we may regard as a more ‘normal’ existence.

My best wishes to you all, stay healthy and think positively.

Cllr Peter Hollick
Town Mayor of Dunstable

If you would like to know about our Town Mayor and what he gets up to then read his diary found below, which gives an insight to the work he does and the groups he is involved in.

If you would like the Town Mayor to attend any local organisation, group, church or school that has an event or function, please contact or by phoning 01582 513000.

For more details about any of my upcoming charity events or to purchase tickets, please see below.

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